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Finally, small and mid-sized enterprises can leverage world class IT outsourcing practices.

Over the last decade large companies have effectively cut costs and improved services by outsourcing IT functions to specialty providers to improve service. The top pressure that drives the outsourcing of application related development and maintenance is typically related to a reduction in IT operating costs. Many organizations, especially small to mid-sized organizations see value in tapping the superior expertise of providers with the goal of transferring knowledge and skill sets into their internal IT professionals, freeing up internal IT to focus on more strategic tasks and quicker turnaround in developing application development projects.

Spicore Technologies provides pragmatic solutions to small and mid-sized enterprises looking to leverage the benefits associated with IT outsourcing. Whether its outsourcing development or maintenance of a application, advisory services in choosing an offshore provider, or augmenting your internal staff Spicore Technologies can your organization make decisions that will cut costs, create better internal processes, better version control and lifecycle management, freedom to refocus IT staff on more strategic initiatives, and the boos in skills that your staff can gain by working with outsourcing providers who core business is built around technology.

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